About Royal BIP


About Royal BIP (Bodla International Properties)

Royal BIP (Bodla International Properties) in Dubai was established on November 8th, 2021 and  BIP (Bodla International Properties) was established in Pakistan on June 1st 2019, is a unified investment and real estate services provider that offers holistic investments and properties services to individual and corporate clients.

Our passionate team of real estate and investments professionals are always ready to deliver results that will satisfy our clients/investors needs. Our team continues to adopt innovative strategies to provide figure based results in order to achieve the targets of our clients.

Our team at ROYAL BIP has a collective experience of more than 10 years making them exceptional professional in the market. The core strength of our team is the trust of our clients (based in Pakistan and Dubai) that developed as a result of our continuous determination towards providing effective results for their real estate transactions.

ROYAL BIP has an outstanding reputation in the international markets because of its credibility, safe investments opportunities and quality properties.